Learning to Sing

Learning to sing is something we should all take part in. If you have a voice, then you should be able to sing, at least to some degree. We are all wired the same, and as such would be able to produce the same sounds, with just a little training.

Mastering your voice requires just knowledge of technique and practice. Knowing just how to develop your voice through following certain principles isn’t something only professionals have access to; anybody can take up singing lessons and start following their dreams.

Samuel Nicholl is a singing teacher, providing singing lessons in Lee, South London. He has over 15 years experience teaching, and has not only been cast as the lead role in many musicals, but is also the formal vocal coach of the London School of Music.

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Samuel Nicholl

44A Leyland Rd
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email: samuel@singinglessons.org.uk
07515 384027