Graphene - The Wonder Material for Modern Electronics Systems and Sensors


Graphene-Based Field Effect Transistors

One of the World's leading graphene suppliers recently announced a new product range to their line up. These new items are set to revolutionise research and sensing of chemicals and molecules in a wide range of industries. With an ability to detect individual molecules at an effective rate much higher than anything seen before outside of highly complex materials like carbon nanotubes, graphene has almost completely cemented itself as the go-to material for the improvement of modern sensing technologies like field effect transistors.

Graphenea has been quietly perfecting its range of GFETs over the last few years by strengthening its team of researchers; plucking highly regarded scientific professionals from other related fields and tasking them to help develop this new technology. Today the company is ready to reveal its new direction, offering graphene FETs on a large scale for research or commercial means.

The company's CEO, Jesus de la Fuente, is confident that this new utilisation of the wonder-material graphene is likely to cause waves that help spur the advancement of discoveries in areas such as biological and chemical sciences, engineering, and other nanomaterials.

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